Blu-ray Projects

Working with MX Production Services from 2008-2011, Lyn Gaza and Michael Manning contributed to the following A-list entertainment features for Blu-ray and associated technologies.  Lyn was involved as Technical Project Manager and Creative Producer, providing an interface between programming and creative teams in the following capacities:

  • scheduling assets and deliverables
  • creative research and development
  • writing creative briefs
  • writing and updating functional specs
  • user experience design
  • creation and oversight of documentation (flow charts, wireframes)
  • managing script writing
  • supervising voice over sessions, sound design and audio mixing
  • writing game instructions and prompts
  • managing localization process for multiple language releases
  • managing deliveries to authoring
  • QA and debug process

Michael worked on storyboards for cinematic animation, concept design, character design and character animation (Bolt, Snow White, Beauty and The Beast and Bambi).

Neil Young Archive Blu-ray

  • Timeline feature

 Bolt Blu-ray release

  • Bolt’s B-Awesome Adventure, a side scrolling game for Blu-Ray.

Snow White Diamond Edition Blu-ray release

  • What do You See? – Game where players compete to decipher a scrambled image from the movie first.
  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall -Which Princess Are You Most Like? – Players answer questions to determine which Princess they’re most like and then receive a phone call from the Princess.
  • Jewel Jumble – Players test their matching skills by collecting jewels.

Dumbo 70th Anniversary Blu-ray release

  • “What Do You See?,”  an image-scramble game
  • “What Do You Know?,” a timed trivia challenge.

Beauty and The Beast Diamond Edition Blu-ray release

  • Bonjour – Who Is This? – An interactive game for 2-8 players that enables each player to use either their home or cell phone as a game controller.
  • Enchanted Musical Challenge: Game in which players have to search the Beast’s castle and answer trivia questions to find four of Belle’s friends.

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray release

  • “Toy Story Trivia Dash” is an interactive game where players answer trivia questions to be the first to sprint to the finish line.

Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray release

  • Disney Second Screen: Bambi marks the debut of a new Disney exclusive, “Second Screen.” With it users can synch their laptops or iPads with the studio’s latest Blu-ray release to unearth even more content. Visit this website for more information.
  • Disney’s Big Book of Knowledge: This interactive activity allows children to wander around Bambi’s forest, meet his friends and play games as they explore.

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