Kriemhild’s Dream Animation Sequence

This animation sequence appears in the opening scene of Blood Red Lost Head Dead Falcon: THE NIBELUNGEN, where Kriemhild as a young girl is dreaming about her chaotic future with Siegfried. A workshop production of this multi-media performance by collision/theory appeared at Highways Performance Space in July 2010, as part of the LA Opera Ring Festival.

Written and Directed by Aaron Henne
Produced by Lyn Gaza
Animation by Lyn Gaza and Michael Manning – Dream Sequence Productions

Julie Lockhart – Brunhild and Choreography
Paul Vroom – Hagen
Mark McClain Wilson – Gunter
Garth Whitten – Siegfried
Diana Wyenn – Kriemhild

Sound Design Martín Carrillo
Original music by  Chris Greene, Martín Carrillo, Laudanum, Robert Crouch and Yann Novak
Lighting Design Dan Weingarten
Costume Design Nike Schroeder and Molly Marie McGee

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